About Us

10 benefits and uses of attar over perfume

At Sunnah Club, we believe in seamlessly blending tradition with modern convenience. As the pioneering force behind the first and only subscription Sunnah box, our mission is to provide Muslims with a unique and tailored grooming experience. Rooted in the rich traditions of Islamic practices, our curated boxes offer all the essentials you need, delivered straight to your doorstep.


Our journey began with a simple idea: to make following the Sunnah accessible and convenient for everyone. We understand the significance of musk in Islamic traditions, which is why our product range predominantly features musk-based fragrances. From the aromatic Musk Al Kaaba Perfume Oil to our educational guides on using the Miswak to our high quality shaving razor, every product and piece of content is crafted with care, keeping our community’s needs in mind.

But Sunnah Club is more than just products. It’s a community. The positive feedback from our loyal customers drives us to constantly innovate and improve. Their stories of satisfaction, the joy of receiving quality products, and the ease with which they can now follow Sunnah practices inspire us every day.


Join us on this journey of rediscovering age-old traditions in a contemporary light. Together, let’s celebrate the essence of Sunnah, one box at a time.

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