Bakhoor Perfume Oil


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1 x 10ml Musk

Perfume Musk

Disclaimer: Alcohol Free, Tested for suitability prior to use, external use only. No Animal Ingredients or Animal Testing. Cease use if irritation occurs.

Bakhoor Perfume Oil

Introducing Bakhoor, comprising Top notes of rose, opening with a bouquet of fresh and floral aroma. With a fruity body and bass notes of moss this scent provides a perfect balance of sweetness with a refreshing and grounding finish.

1. Morning and Daytime Use: The fragrance opens with top notes of rose, gifting you with a fresh and floral aroma. It’s an invigorating scent to start the day, perfect for daytime use. Its gentle floral notes awaken the senses, making it an ideal choice for morning rituals and daytime activities.

2. Summer and Spring Seasons: Presents body notes of fruit, offering a delicate balance of sweetness. Beautifully complementing the warmer seasons of spring and summer. Its fruity heart resonates with the fresh bloom and the sweet ripeness, making it a fitting choice for these sunny, vibrant months.

3. Casual Outings and Social Gatherings: The fruity body notes also lend themselves well to casual outings, social gatherings, or a relaxing day out. Its sweet and vivacious character can add a cheerful touch to your presence, making it an ideal companion for such relaxed and informal settings.

4. Grounding and Comforting Evenings: As the fragrance unfolds, the base notes of moss provide a refreshing and grounding finish. This makes Bakhoor Perfume Oil a perfect choice for winding down in the evening. The earthy and grounding moss notes can create a comforting and serene ambiance.

5. A Touch of Nature: The floral, fruity, and mossy notes come together to paint a picture of a lush, verdant landscape. If you wish to carry a touch of nature’s allure with you, Bakhoor can be your fragrant portal to the great outdoors.

Islamic Reasons for Using Bakhoor Perfume Oil

1. Sunnah (Prophetic Tradition):

  • Following the Prophet’s Practice: The use of Bakhoor and other fragrant substances is part of the Sunnah. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is reported to have appreciated pleasant scents and encouraged their use. Using Bakhoor follows this tradition and can be seen as an act of emulation.

2. Purification:

  • Physical and Spiritual Purification: In Islam, cleanliness and purification are highly emphasised. The use of Bakhoor is associated with purifying both the physical environment and the spiritual state of individuals, helping to create a clean and sacred space for worship and daily life.

3. Enhancing Worship:

  • Creating a Sacred Atmosphere: Burning Bakhoor during prayer and other forms of worship helps create an atmosphere conducive to concentration and spiritual connection. The pleasant scent can enhance the worship experience, making it more serene and focused.

4. Hospitality and Generosity:

  • Welcoming Guests: In Islamic culture, hospitality is a significant virtue. Using Bakhoor to welcome guests into one’s home is a way of showing respect, generosity, and warmth, reflecting the Islamic values of kindness and hospitality.

5. Symbol of Affluence and Blessing:

  • Sign of Prosperity: The use of Bakhoor, often made from expensive and high-quality ingredients, can be a symbol of affluence and blessing. It is sometimes used to mark special occasions, celebrations, and important life events, reflecting gratitude and the seeking of divine blessings.

By integrating these benefits and reasons, the use of Bakhoor perfume oil becomes a meaningful and enriching practice in both personal and communal aspects of life, deeply rooted in cultural and religious traditions.