Green Irish Tweedy Perfume


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1 x 10ml Musk

Perfume Musk

Disclaimer: Alcohol Free, Tested for suitability prior to use, external use only. No Animal Ingredients or Animal Testing. Cease use if irritation occurs.

Green Irish Tweedy Perfume

Green Irish Tweedy Perfume, an iconic, versatile fragrance that suits a variety of settings due to its balanced composition of fresh, floral, and warm elements.

Here are some ideal moments to use this scent:

1. Daytime Activities: With its prominent citrus and green notes, Green Irish Tweedy is a perfect daytime fragrance. These crisp, energetic notes thrive under the sun. Ideal for casual daytime activities, such as outings, picnics, brunches, or even a day at the office.

2. Spring and Summer: Freshness of the citrus, green, and lavender top notes are paired with the floral heart notes of jasmine and orris. This fragrance a perfect choice for the warmer months. It encapsulates the spirit of spring and summer, giving a clean, uplifting vibe that complements these seasons.

3. Outdoor Events: Given its invigorating and fresh profile, Green Irish Tweedy is an excellent choice for outdoor events. This fragrance is sure to stand out, capturing the essence of nature and the open air.

4. Casual and Semi-Formal Occasions: This fragrance is neither too overpowering nor too subtle, making it a great fit for both casual and semi-formal occasions. Its balanced nature allows it to blend seamlessly in a relaxed setting while still holding its own in a more formal one.

5. Work Environment: Thanks to its clean and professional scent profile, Green Irish Tweedy is an excellent fragrance for the work environment. It provides a sense of freshness and energy, perfect for keeping you motivated throughout the day without being too distracting or overwhelming for colleagues.

6. Signature Scent: Given its timeless appeal, Green Irish Tweedy can also be used as a signature scent. It’s versatile enough to be worn throughout the year and at various occasions. From daily activities to special events, making it a great choice if you’re looking for a go-to fragrance.