T Ford Musk


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1 x 10ml Musk

Perfume Musk

Disclaimer: Alcohol Free, Tested for suitability prior to use, external use only. No Animal Ingredients or Animal Testing. Cease use if irritation occurs.

T Ford Musk

Captivating scent with saffron, raspberry, and thyme top notes. Floral heart notes of olibanum and jasmine. Base notes of leather, black suede, and amberwood for a musky finish.

1. Opulent Evenings: With its captivating top notes of saffron, raspberry, and thyme, T Ford Musk commands attention, making it the quintessential choice for opulent evenings. These moments of nocturnal refinement are ideal to showcase the fragrance’s tantalizing top notes.

2. Elite Social Gatherings: T Ford Musk exudes a unique blend of warmth and sophistication with its floral heart notes of olibanum and jasmine. It’s a consummate fragrance for elite social gatherings, projecting an aura of distinction that compliments these highbrow events.

3. Romantic Rendezvous: The sensual base notes of leather, black suede, and amberwood add a depth of allure to the fragrance, making it a superb choice for romantic occasions. Whether it’s an intimate dinner, a moonlit walk, or a private soiree, T Ford Musk augments the amorous ambiance.

4. Winter and Fall Seasons: Depth and warmth , particularly its base notes, resonate harmoniously with the crisp and cool seasons of fall and winter. Its musky finish provides a comforting aura, a luxurious shield against the nippy air of these seasons.

5. Statement of Luxury: The sheer opulence lends itself well to those seeking a signature scent that radiates luxury. Its enchanting blend of notes leaves an indelible impression, making it an ideal fragrance to represent one’s fine taste and affluence.

6. Special Celebrations:  Grandeur and sophistication make it a fitting choice for special celebrations and milestones. Its indulgent and lavish aura amplifies these joyous occasions, embedding a sense of regality that makes the celebrations truly memorable.